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Creative Arts Practitioner & Music Consultancy

Melanie Cossins

Musician, consultant, artist, creative, author, community arts leader and educator.

About Me

Passionate about the arts, I have 20 years of experience in developing, creating and delivering a variety of arts, music and singing sessions for various ages and minority groups. With a background in dance, art, singing and instrumental I believe the arts are fundamental to being human.


Through Cossins Music School and Think Cre8tive Group I have worked on a variety of projects. Singing with mums and babies, intergenerational music, vegetable orchestras......


Engage Community Initiative of the Year Award for Sing It Out! Mama


WDH Community Award for Sing It Out! Everyone Aloud


Presenting Minecraft: Connection through creativity at Brighton University Everyday Creativity conference


Melanie Cossins is a skilled music educator, inspiring, fun and creative.  Having taught my own children, she is an asset to any educational organisation, showing professionalism and integrity in her work.  Melanie inspires a love of music using the best resources and teaching strategies for musical success with children of all ages.  Her love for music is infectious!


Karen Marshall

Writer (Get Set Piano!), Music Educationalist and Teacher

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