Player and Parent Feedback

What our players and parents say!

Player Feedback

Before I came on the server I had no friends, now I do. 

It has made a huge difference to me! I have made friends, learnt cool things and become a more social person in general!

I like funtime games because it is peaceful, it is creative and has lots of buildings that inspire me! Also it has friendly people that are really nice! I have made many kind and helpful friends!

I love learning red stone from others who can do it much better than me

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Parent Feedback

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for giving [my sons] joint 3rd place in the Build Battle yesterday. He has autism which makes processing information tricky for him. He had been so looking forward to the Build Battle, but I think he was confused a bit with the instructions and when he realised he built the wrong thing in the first round, he was really upset and embarrassed and I thought he was going to quit. To his credit he managed to carry on, but he was on the verge of tears the whole time.

But when the results were being announced and he saw he got 3rd place you could see it all lift and he was happy again. He said he felt proud of himself for it, and he said he will even join in the next build battle and try again. This is huge for [him], because of the autism he also has a very fixed mindset, so if something goes wrong, he will usually refuse to ever try it again. I think it was a great learning experience for him and I'm really proud he managed to see it through.

Player Feedback

Minecraft is a game where your only limitation is your imagination and that is what I love about it, you can build, fight, survive, anything. There is nothing telling you what you can or can't do. You can go as far as you want, it's your journey.

It works so well for me because I see it as some sort of freedom, for example if I want to build my dream house or something, I can do it in Minecraft! I can't get bored, Minecraft is so big I can do whatever I take inspiration from. 

I don't know what I have learned from the game, I've learned so much.

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Parent Feedback

I just want to thank you for being so understanding the other week. We have seen a different [child] since she's been chatting on the server and she says she has friends now. It's hard when you've got a child that doesn't understand the rights and wrongs of interacting, but we keep telling her the rules and hopefully this will help.


……..normally she's really quiet when on chat as she doesn't like us to hear, but she's so confident and loud now.


It's been amazing for her self esteem. I think because it's based around a game she loves and is knowledgeable on, it's really helping her grow.