Minecraft Funtime Challenges is a Minecraft BEDROCK server dedicated to all Minecraft noobs and pro's who want to play fun games and build together.


We endeavour to create a safe and secure space for players - currently we provide moderate play for an hour everyday and supervise games, such as Build Battle and Spies.

We hope you have FUN, FIND FRIENDS and CREATE.


You can now become a Patreon and support our server with special bonus of playing on additional servers.

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Our Story

We have been running the Bedrock Minecraft server since October 2020. The idea was to bring kids together to make new friends, encourage creativity, develop relationships and communication and create a safe space, through the Covid-19 pandemic.

My son is autistic and has found time during covid difficult. Being involved in Minecraft has helped me connect a bit more with him and I have seen him develop firm friendships from play on the server. My daughter (who helps run the server with me) suffers from anxiety and it was her idea to create games that would encourage co-operation and challenge.

We started with a few games on the server including BUILD BATTLE which we now play weekly, including MasterBuild plus a huge amount of other games players have created.


We also have several games a week such as : Treasure Hunt, Sardines, Hide the Nugget, The Great Minecraft Cook-Off, PVP Pokemon, PVP Spies; and creative builds such as Parkour, Ravine Build, Mountain Build, Ice Build, Animal Crossing Island, FNAFF and so much more!

There are a range of kids who play on our server (and a few adults!) and I have had the loveliest of feedback from some of you and how it is helping your children. If you have having any difficulties please do message me - I do my best to help and sort any issues out if I can!

There are some amazing builds on our server and it is free to play on. All we ask is that you follow the few rules that we have, respect other players builds, that you reset games once played and that you mend anything you accidently break or report it to admins.

We ask that players do not GRIEF - this is upsetting for players who have spent a long time building!